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Congratulations to our 2016 KAFC Fire Chiefs of the Year!


VFIS Volunteer Chief of the Year is Jimmy VanCleve of McLean County Central Fire Dist.

Chief VanCleve joined McLean County Central in 1997 and became chief in 2005. McLean Co. Central covers 103 sq miles and responds to over 500 calls a year. Since becoming chief, Jimmy has worked to update and modernize the departments  equipment. Most recently Jimmy worked with the other fire chiefs in the county and the Fiscal Court to pass an ordinance that puts Fire Dues in the property tax notices. He does this along with being the Area 3 Coordinator for Fire Rescue Training.

KLC Career Chief of the Year is Eddie Slone of Frankfort Fire & EMS

Chief Slone joined Frankfort Fire&EMS in 1994 and was promoted through the ranks until taking over as chief in 2013. His Deaprtment has 82 fulltime employees and responds to 7000 EMS and 1000 fire runs a year. Eddie was insturamental in Frankfort recieving a Class II ISO rating in 2014. He as also fostered a regional attitude, working with Georgetown Fire to create a joint training program. Along with that regional approach he is the president of the Central Kentucky Fire Chiefs Association.




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Position Statement 
“Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention” 
The members of the Kentucky Association of Fire Chiefs feel it is vitally important to embrace every opportunity to prevent fires and civilian fire deaths. We fully support the initiative of the Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs known as “Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention”. Furthermore, at the encouragement of the Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs and the Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs, we adopt this initiative and will promote it and its intent to reduce civilian fire deaths in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 
Adopted by the KAFC Executive Board on August 21st, 2015. 
Michael Morgan, President






Updated KAFC by-laws approved at the August 2014 meeting are now available by clicking here


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