Congratulations 2021 KAFC Fire Chiefs Of The Year!

2021 KLC Career Chief of the Year

The Kentucky Association of Fire Chiefs is proud to announce the 2021 KLC Career Chief of the Year, Chief Wayne Briscoe of Frankfort Fire & EMS. Chief Briscoe began his career with Frankfort Fire & EMS in 2007 and worked his way to Chief in 2017. Chief Briscoe has been instrumental to the fire service of Kentucky in multiple roles that he has served. As Fire Chief of Frankfort Fire & EMS, Chief Briscoe progressed his department into the 21st century with modern firefighting and emergency medical care. Chief Briscoe is also a graduate of the National Fire Academy EFO program.
Outside of the Frankfort Fire &N EMS, Chief Briscoe has been an advocate and leader for the fire service, career and volunteer across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. His passion and experience have allowed him to effectively work with groups such as the Kentucky Board of EMS to make sure that fire departments were equally heard across the state. There were many times that actions were close to being taken by agencies such as KBEMS, that Chief Briscoe was able to delay from make sure decisions made were in the best interest for all parties involved. Because of his actions, undue hardship was prevented for most of us.

Chief Briscoe is a tremendous asset to the Kentucky association of Fire Chiefs in his position of 2nd Vice President.


2021 VFIS Volunteer Chief of the Year

The Kentucky Association of Fire Chiefs is proud to announce the 2021 VFIS Volunteer Chief of the Year, Chief James Preston Hays, of the Hindman Volunteer Fire Department. Chief Hays grew up in the department and worked his way through the ranks. For the last 7 years has served as our Fire Chief. 2020 was challenging for our department and many others due to Covid 19. The toll of a pandemic could have been worse for our department had it not been for the leadership of our Chief. To keep firefighters safe, Chief Hays supplied each firefighter with facemasks throughout the Covid-19 pandemic that were to be worn at each call. Our Chief also changed how we operated as a department during the pandemic by switching meetings to an online format. This decision ensured our safety and allowed the department to conduct business as usual while still following all social distancing guidelines.

Chief Hays placed state aid and department funds into purchasing radios for each member of the department. Before this purchase only officers of the department had radios. Now when interior attack is needed every member has access to an essential piece of equipment instead of borrowing that vital lifeline from another firefighter. Chief Hays also made the motion to replace all existing SCBA’s owned by the department. With the SCBA replacement project, the department has upgraded from 2216 cylinders to 4500 cylinders. All SCBA’s being used by the department will also include an integrated pass, something unavailable to our members until this year.

Chief Hays also takes great pride in the department’s fire prevention program. When kids were sent home from school due to Covid 19 and were unable to get their annual fire prevention class that is taught by the department, Chief Hays worked with local school officials to develop a virtual firehouse tour. Our Chief’s dedication to our youth could not be stopped. Our department was also recently awarded $1,000 through a fire prevention grant that will buy fire prevention supplies. These supplies will be distributed to the children that he has a passion to educate.



2011 Volunteer- Wesley Lynn, Grapevine VFD 2011 Career- Frankie Shuck, Versailles

2012 Volunteer- Jeff Wendt, Crescent Springs/Villa Hills VFD 2012 Career- Steven Kyle, Paducah

2013 Volunteer- Rob Dreyer, Ludlow VFD 2013 Career- Steve Mitchell, Owensboro

2014-2015 Volunteer- H.M. Bottom, Russell Springs VFD 2014-2015 Career- Eric Pologruto, Murray

2016 Volunteer – Jimmy VanCleve, Mclean County 2016 Career – Eddie Slone, Frankfort

2017 Volunteer – Cheryl Allen, Rural Russellville 2017 Career – Bill Seng, St Matthews

2018 Volunteer – Larry Bragg, Austin Tracy VFD 2018 Career- David Howser, Lyndon

2019 Volunteer – Chief Chuck Helms VFD 2019 Career – Chief Tom Arnold

2020 Volunteer – Chief Charles Watkins 2020 Career – Chief Nathan Mulvey