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Summer 2021 Legislative Session Update

During this interim session our association has been engaged on several legislative issues being discussed or developed. Recently legislative committee members met with the Architect Association (AIA) relating to proposals they are developing in relation to regulations which would establish automatic building code adoptions on a three year plus one cycle. Members have requested the automatic adoption cycle also include applicable fire prevention codes like NFPA 1 & 101.

We have participated in two different meetings of the Interim Joint Committee on Veterans, Military Affairs, & Public Protection. We have provided testimony to this committee requesting the fire service be considered for a share of the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds flowing into the state. Further testimony regarding the recruitment and retention of the volunteer firefighters has also been provided.
During the Kentucky State Fair in the Interim Joint Committee on Local Government members of the association first worked with the Kentucky Professional Firefighters Association to discuss the impacts on our firefighters who began their career service and joined in any KPPA pension program after July 1, 2003. These are referred to as Tier 1B, II or III plan members. These firefighters are not guaranteed a quality health insurance plan like their coworkers who are Tier 1 participants. This testimony “planted the seed” in hopes to get some difficult changes made to some of the Kentucky Pension Plan Authority (KPPA) plans. Following this discussion we joined forces with KLC to discuss issues relating to the recruitment and retention of EMTs and Paramedics. Due to the lack of certified personnel the EMS system in the commonwealth is in critical need of repair. We will continue to reach out to groups like the KAPA, KBEMS and KHA in an effort to develop solutions to fix the flailing system.

Within the next two months we will be getting together with our other fire service partners like the KPFF, KFA, KFIA and Fire Commission to discuss legislative priorities for the upcoming session. If you have an issue you believe needs to be addressed, please contact myself or any one of the members of the KAFC Legislative Committee.

The legislative tracker on our webpage is updated on a regular basis. We currently are placing pre-filed bills on the tracker.

2021 KAFC Legislative Committee

Committee Chair – KAFC Legislative Agent, David Howser – St. Matthews Fire/EMS dhowser@stmatthewsfd.com
KAFC President, Cathy Rigney – Winchester Fire/EMS crigney@roadrunner.com
Wayne Briscoe – Frankfort Fire/EMS – wbriscoe@frankfort.ky.gov
Michael Brown – Prestonsburg Fire Department – pfd200@yahoo.com
Steve Futrell – Hopkinsville Fire/EMS – sfutrell@hopkinsvilleky.us
Steve Kyle – Paducah Fire Department – skyle@paducahky.gov
Rick Millikan – Morganfield Fire Department – rmillikan@morganfieldfd.com
Nathan Mulvey – Fern Creek Fire/EMS – nmulvey@ferncreekfire.com
Rob Rothenburger – Shelbyville Fire Department – sfd@shelbyvillefirerescue.com